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"The Groove" is a groundbreaking interactive music request lifestyle programme featuring highly popular media personality, Angela “Crystal” Newman, marking her return to the radio airwaves.  

Crystal Newman stands out as one of the most influential personalities in broadcasting and other forms of media in Africa. She has spent the better part of two decades holding various multi-dimensional On-Air roles. This experience has led her to become the media powerhouse she is today: Radio and TV host, corporate event host, professional voice-over artist, Uganda Red Cross goodwill ambassador, digital influencer, entertainment personality, and philanthropist.

Crystal has over the years earned the respect and trust of some of the biggest names from all walks of life - not just recording artists, but also actors/ actresses, media personalities, politicians, business moguls and more through her authentic and personable interviewing style.


The Groove features a selection of the biggest current international pop and local hits.

Crystal also talks to the country’s movers and shakers for casual light-hearted interviews and offers updates about all the upcoming events and trendy places to hang out. All this, including information on society, family, current events, the entertainment world, and life in general are provided in each exciting daily episode of this highly interactive programme with beautiful music to accompany listeners on their ride home after a long day.

It's all smiles and cheers on The Groove, weekdays from 3.00pm to 7.00pm.

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