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The Fatboy ShoW

"The Fatboy Show" is a top quality 4-hour daily entertainment radio show hosted by James ‘Fatboy’ Onen, the award-winning veteran radio presenter who for over two decades has been a dominant voice on morning prime time FM radio.


Joining Fatboy is Sarah who brings the juicy gossip in "What's Poppin" while Daniel Omara injects hilarious wild takes on controversial topics. 

With a winning combination of wit, scathing sarcasm and dark humour, Fatboy has carved a niche for himself as a powerful voice – tackling issues ranging from education, employment, politics, technology, entertainment, current affairs and gender issues.


Having established himself as a powerful radio entertainer during his illustrious 21 year career, with The Fatboy Show, Fatboy aims to take his creativity to higher levels and deliver it to an even wider audience than ever before.

Download the RX Radio app to listen to The Fatboy Show every weekday morning from 6.00am to 10.00am!

Get a branded Bluetooth connector here so that you can listen from your car radio as you drive!

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