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While At The University, I Was Teaching In Six Schools - Frank Baine, PRO Uganda Prisons

Frank Baine, the Uganda Prisons Spokesperson revealed that while pursuing his degree in Education at Makerere University, he also taught in six schools around Kampala.

“While I was at the University, I was teaching in six schools around Kampala. I was simply an academic prostitute because I hated being a poor teacher. I had to look for money because many things were at stake,” said Baine during an interview with Crystal Newman during the Groove Cafe on RX Radio.

At that time, Baine revealed that he had additional responsibilities, such as paying for school fees for his siblings and his as well.

However, before pursuing his education course to become a teacher, he had wanted to serve as a Priest, something that was also his childhood dream

“I used to like how the priests lived, they would drive Porsche cars, be neatly dressed, and always in command. He would stand on a pulpit and everyone else would compliantly be seated on the other side including my father who I thought was the greatest at the time. That was interesting to see someone stronger than my dad, I thought that if I became a priest, even my father would not joke with me,” he joked.

Unfortunately, having come from a polygamous family, the church couldn’t admit him to the program. He decided to aim at studying to be a lawyer. However, the dream was cut short by the low grades scored at A-level making him unable to join the University as he tried to make ends meet while schooling.

He enrolled in a teaching course at Nkozi National Teachers College in Kayabwe from where he joined Makerere University. In 1995, he applied for a job in the public service sector. He was offered the opportunity in Uganda prisons as a Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Prisons after training for one and a half years.

Over the years, Baine has risen through the ranks while serving in Uganda Prisons. He is currently the commissioner of Prisons, doubling as the prison's spokesperson.

“The appointing authority identified my abilities and assigned me accordingly. Of course, being an extrovert and a very good noise maker. I think that's earned me the position,” he said.

Mr. Baine conveyed that he is the longest serving public relations manager in public service after spending 14 solid years of service.

Frank Baine holds a degree in social sciences, a masters degree in management, a postgraduate diploma in public administration, and a postgraduate diploma in Education.

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