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When Starting A business, Focus On The Problem You're Going To Solve - Business Coach

Business and leadership coach, author and entrepreneur Okwong Philmon has encouraged entrepreneurs and those considering joining the field to start business with a vision that is to help the community.

Okwong during an interview with Crystal Newman on the Groove Cafe at RX Radio, said that when getting into business, one should look at the problem they are going to solve through the service/ product they are providing before considering the money.

“The reason most people find business hard is one. In Uganda, people don't start business after doing some feasibility studies and understanding the concept of the businesses they are starting. Someone will start a business because the other is doing it,” Okwong reported.

“Most people start businesses without knowing the bigger picture and the reason. They are hardly aware of what problem they are going to solve in the community. There’s nothing like business, every business out there is an individual trying to solve a problem or trying to provide a service. So if you wanna succeed at any business, don't look at the money first, look at the problem you're going to solve,” he said.

Mr. Okwong went on to explain that in the market space, people don't buy products/service but rather the solution it provides adding that if one focuses on providing the solution through their start up, it will keep them moving even when they don't make profits in the estimated time.

Having started out several small businesses at a young age selling computer software, women's clothes and washing, Okwong realized that he had a passion for entrepreneurship. Eventually, he became good at marketing and after his first degree in computer science, he went back to pursue a Masters in Business Administration thereafter starting out as a coach.

Being a businessman himself, Mr. Okwong said he gives advice to people and organizations based on his experience in business. According to him, money alone cannot make a business survive but the presence of different other social capitals can help entrepreneurs succeed in business.

One of the attributes he gives for his career success is never giving up which he says should be in the spirit of every entrepreneur. “I always encourage people doing business that if you want to give up please continue giving up because your strength might be on giving up and I shouldn't take that away,” he said.

“Don't think short term in any business because you will get frustrated, you may start a business and it might not work out in the first year or the second year. But as long as you are focused. Most of us get frustrated because we want to get everything from the same business. Business has to be taken as babies and held tenderly and fed because we know that one day the baby will grow and come to appreciate the parents. So that's how businesses are,” Mr. Okwong said.

Okwong Philmon is also a motivational speaker that helps people and organizations realize their purpose, potential and performance. He also owns Wild Palace Safari lodge located at Murchison Falls. He says that as much as it's good to work hard, one has to enjoy life through things like touring and traveling.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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