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We Want To See How Feasible The Daily Payment Plan Is - Founder of Grace Intel School

Jeremiah Kika, the owner of Grace Intel School, Buziga.

On January 10th, schools re-opened their doors to learners after almost two years under lockdown. Whereas it was a great relief for most parents, it was also a taxing one with many having to strain themselves in order to pay school fees lump sums.

Speaking to James Onen on The Fatboy Show today morning was the proprietor of Grace Intel School, whose fees structure went viral on social media after an advert was posted indicating that parents could pay as low as shs.1000 school fees on a daily basis.

According to David Jeremiah Kika, the intention is to make fees payment flexible and affordable for even low income earning parents and guardians if the payment plan is approved by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

“We actually want to see how feasible this can be and once we are given a clearance by the Ministry, we could possibly hold onto it,” he said.

He gave reference to himself being able to pay for his solar subscription on a daily basis, adding that many people find it convenient and affordable to subscribe to services like solar and internet on a daily basis compared to lump sums. “When the fee is paid on a daily basis and is quite minute, it becomes very easy for many parents.”

According to figures indicated in the advert, parents with children at Grace Intel School will pay shs.1000 daily for learners from nursery to primary 3, while those from primary 4 to primary 7 will pay shs.1500 daily fees, exclusive of breakfast and lunch.

Asked about the automatic promotion directive given by the Ministry of Education, Kika noted that the prospect is not only going to be burdensome to teachers who will have to work extra hard to ensure their students succeed; but also to the learners who will have to bear the burden of understanding and containing what they are being taught.

Being a pastor and school owner, Kika also shared his thoughts on whether allowing pregnant girls and teenage mothers to return to school is morally upright, an act that has been condemned by some religious leaders.

The Pastor gave reference to the good samaritan story in the Bible, in which a priest noticed a man that lay beaten and naked on the roadside but instead bypassed and never helped him.

He then commented on how it is wrong for religious leaders to pass judgment on pregnant girls and instead should be rooting for them to return to school.

“It's not only segregatory but also judgemental because judgment is not talking about the wrong the person has done but also how they should be condemned. So it is wrong, those kids have a future and life to work for. Unless a child decides not to go back to school, why would you cut them off? If they are willing and have a drive to study, you have to support them,” he said.

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