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We Hope To Carry On Asaasira’s Musical Legacy- Brenda Busingye

The sound of their instruments and vocals would make one imagine that they aren't from around here, but the incredible team of students called the Mseto Nation was inspired by the late Anita Asaasira, an ethnomusicology lecturer that passed on in early 2021.

The late gifted music lecturer, singer and performer who was described as a passionate lover of music that would write and produce a song within a day, Asaasira put together the team of talented musicians known for songs such as Surely, Unchangeable and Can I get a Witness among others

At the time of her passing, she was pursuing her PHD in Ethnomusicology at the University of Melbourne in Australia and had written a number of songs although she had not recorded them yet.

“She used to write songs as a hobby, and whenever she brought them to me, they were amazing. I’d suggest we put the songs out there which we would just laugh at. So this time when she was in Australia, the songs just kept on coming constantly and I told her that this time when she returned, I’d ensure that she’d go to the studio and have these songs recorded,” narrated Asaasira’s elder sister Brenda Busingye.

Brenda, the producer of the late’s songs, continued, “When she passed on, I knew that she had a band because I had met them before. So I figured that a befitting burial for Asaasira would be musical. I called the band and shared with them four of the songs and asked them to be ready by the time her body returned. I was very particular with the way I wanted them to be sung as Asaasira would have. But when I went for one rehearsal, my mind was blown, like they had taken the songs from here to there and I was amazed.”

The album called Beautiful Love includes songs such as Never Alone, Beautiful Love and Best Friends and are themed on the late Asaasira’s character, a devoted Christian and mentor according to Brenda.

One of the late’s students Beck UG, a rapper with Mseto, said as an inspiration from their former beloved lecturer, they were determined to put to life her music creations.

“All the musicians in the band were full time but they put aside whatever they had to do just to do this without pay. That’s how vested they are in this.” He further said that her music represented all she was in character. “Anita was a music teacher, mother, friend and basically everything a musician should be.”

Moving on, Brenda hopes to produce more music saying that the album is a sample project of what is yet to come. With the idea already in place, instrumentalists and singers, she hopes to carry on Asaasira’s musical legacy.

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