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“We are the Ones to Establish the Film Industry”- Lutakome Tony Kayanja

Ugandan Film Producer and Director Lutakome Tony Kayanja has asked Ugandan filmmakers to utilize the available resources to shape and establish the industry instead of waiting for ready opportunities and funds to arise.

Lutakome made the encouragements while appearing on RX Radio’s Fatboy Show during the Filmscope Ug segment where he demonstrated himself as one who has successfully produced Ugandan film content for fourteen years without having to solicit for donations and equipment.

“I've managed my business for fourteen years by using and improving whatever available tools I come across, I don't have to wait for better equipment to come my way to get started. It's the same thing with acting. To be a good actor in Ugandan movies doesn't require one to get to Hollywood first. Creatively start on projects because that's where the experts will find you and build onto,” he advised.

Furthermore, Lutakome urged filmmakers to be persistent, passionate and determined if they are to experience success in the local film industry, emphasizing that talents can always rust when unexercised and easily suppressed if one isn't courageous.

Lutakome Tonny Kayanja is also an actor and scriptwriter who started his acting movie career in 2007. He has directed and appeared in over 30 movies including House of Death (2017), Karma (2018), Love my Enemy (2018) The Sentimental (2020) and The Chicago Bastards (2014).

Filmscope Ug with DSTv Uganda is a feature dedicated to celebrating Uganda’s Film and Television industry and airs on weekdays at 8.30am on RX Radio.

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