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Viola Kusasira: I Don’t Believe In Marriage

Television Presenter and Business Reporter Viola Kusasira has said that she doesn't trust men and certainly doesn't see herself getting married.

During The Fatboy show on Thursday morning, the guest host accused men of being annoying and disloyal that she wouldn't ever consider being a wife even though she knows that she would make a good one.

“Men are so annoying. I am not a feminist and wouldn’t term men as this or that but I dont believe in them that much and I also don’t believe in marriage,” she confessed.

The Show’s Host James Onen was curious to understand why Viola had come to this conclusion that made her detest the institution.

She replied, “I hate stingy men but also I hate men for infidelity. There are cases where I would excuse cheating, for instance when I am pregnant. However, when you cheat, look for a woman that is better than me so that when I meet her, I can understand why you cheated. If she is not as pretty, then we are going to have an issue and I'll never stop asking why you cheated on me.”

The conversation was derived from the story of one Asiimwe Elkangiro, a resident of Kasaana village, Ntungamo district who abandoned his wife in the hospital upon learning that she had given birth to quadruplets.

Mary Kyomugisha, the third of Elkangiro’s wives, was left stranded with the four babies at Kisiizi Hospital in Rukungiri District, with bills surpassing shs.1 million and barely any money to buy milk for feeding the babies.

According to Viola, the act done by the man could have been out of shock but she also termed it as ‘cowardly’ given he didn't attempt to play his role for even a single day.

“The mother stayed and called on for help from non-government organizations. This n**ga should have stayed and tried something at least until things became harder but he gave up on the first day without trying which is really heartbreaking,” Viola added.

Fatboy concluded that having to raise four girl children at once will be a challenge especially when they clock puberty. However, the two condemned the act, saying that girls need to grow up in the presence of their fathers whom they tend to be more close to as they play a significant role in shaping their lives.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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