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Unatu General Secretary: We Called Off The Strike To Allow For Negotiations To Continue

After laying down tools for close to 3 weeks, Unatu's General Secretary Filbert Baguma has assured the public that negotiations between the arts teachers and the government are ongoing despite calling off the strike on Monday.

This decision came after Unatu engaged in a meeting with President Museveni at Kololo Independence grounds. His excellency maintained that the government is prioritizing scientists and urged arts teachers to refrain from interfering with this strategy.

After the meeting, more than 200 teachers headed to Unatu offices for further discussions claiming they decided to call off the demonstration in the interest of innocent learners and remain in negotiations with the government.

The decision sparked outrage on social media as some teachers were caught by surprise, while some termed it betrayal concluding with allegations of government bribery of Unatu bosses.

Speaking to Fatboy show presenters, Baguma noted that though teachers might be disappointed and emotionally disturbed, they have to consider the employer’s arguments objectively.

“The President and Head of State is the fountain of honor with the answer to our requests. How would we maintain a strike after being engaged twice to return to class with negotiations in progress?” He queried.

Asked whether the government established a date when the pledge will be fulfilled, Baguma informed that none was provided.

“There’s nothing like a promised date because we are back to the drawing board. The Collective Bargaining Agreement is expiring this year, the same period we seek its implementation. So, we expect the government to do so anytime from now,” he said.

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