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The Fatboy Show: Squid Game Smuggler Sentenced to Death in North Korea.

Earlier today on The Fatboy Show, Lesham expressed her disappointment over North Korea’s reaction to its citizens caught watching the popular ‘Squid Game’ series.

In North Korea, a man who smuggled in the series and sold copies is facing the death penalty. Similarly, a high school student who bought one of the copies on a flash drive was sentenced to life imprisonment and six of his fellows caught watching it were each sentenced to five years of hard labour.

This was the first arrest carried out in line with the Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture Law that involved minors.

“I feel so sad for people in North Korea, because you are minding your business watching the series and someone finds you and is like, “You! You die now!’” She added, “Squid game is becoming a real squid game in North Korea, you play for your life if you dare to watch it,” Lesham commented.

Fatboy aka James Onen, her Co-host, who watched the Netflix series on her recommendation, commented that the country was extremely strict given that the show was smuggled in from China and not South Korea.

Moreso, he was surprised that the country even banned K-Pop, a music taste that he admitted to liking.

“It's not only K-pop but all other Western media is not allowed in the country because they don't want their population and youth to be influenced by Westerners or the culture in South Korea,” explained Olive.

However, Fatboy wondered why North and South Korea are divided yet they are made up of the same people. “Isn't it so sad because this country sits on the same peninsula and they're essentially the same people, same ethnicity, language and culture, just different politics. I wish they could have had a re-unification and become one country. I mean if Germany did it, why can’t Korea?” he questioned.

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