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Sometimes We Need To Become Full Entrepreneurs To Enable Our Businesses Grow - Diana Nigesa Mabonga

Diana Nigesa Mabonga, the Ceo of SFDESIGNHOUSE, a Kampala-based interior design firm said she resigned from her full-time job as a decision to enable her startup company to grow.

Diana, a former banker said working in the banking sector had been her dream but after a year into it, she decided to resign because of the stress and pressure it came with the department she worked in.

“I was stressed out on my job but also believed that the overall goal of what I wanted to achieve in life was freedom. I wanted the freedom to express who I am and to be able to live up to my terms,” she said.

Being an ambitious young woman in her late twenties, she decided to maximize her chances to alter her career and life unlike some of her workmates that had children and other responsibilities.

SFDESIGNHOUSE was a startup she had founded with a friend at University in 2015. After her Bachelor's in Development Economics and the demands in the formal sector, after covid 19 she decided to concentrate on her side business.

“I felt like I needed the time and nurture to grow to the next stage and be taken seriously because there's a time in your life when you have to make a leap, the business becomes a hobby, and yet most time we all work to get into self-employment,” she explained.

Now doing interior design as a full-time job, Diana says it enables her to re-evaluate and improve the business model.

“The rule of the game is to stay consistent, and you do that by checking what's working and what’s not, especially in creative businesses. Many times creatives have hypothetical visions but you have to know how to survive till the market understands and appreciates that vision and you have to be consistent,” she said.

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