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Sheena: Women Should Be Left To Dress The Way They Want To

RX Radio news anchor and producer Sheenaz Namutaawe believes that individuals, especially women should have the right to dress the way they want without fear of arrest by authorities.

She expressed her views following the arrest and remand of 24-year-old Liliane Mugabekazi, a Rwandese national, for dressing in a revealing dress at a popular French Musician Tayc’s concert.

Mugabekazi was arrested eight days after the concert, which happened on August 7. She is charged with public Indecency’ which could earn her a jail term of 6 months - 2 years.

Many Rwandans were outraged by her arrest, some protesting while others, including former Justice Minister Johnston Busingye, supported her arrest.

Sheena Namutaawe, who was co-hosting the Hear Me Out Show with Daniel Omara on Saturday stated that since people hold different values and beliefs, some find it appropriate to dress a certain way while others may hold strong views against it.

“For people that agree, they feel it's the direction the world should take when it comes to fashion. We've put on the same clothes so many times, and people want to step out of the ordinary and try new things,” she defended.

Besides, she added that society already put in place restrictions through culture and religion, to guide people but the western culture is eroding them and people will continue protesting such restrictions.

Daniel Omara also contested the arrest but said that dressing decently requires women to at least cover up their private parts not only to protect them from rapists but also for people to be less scandalous about their dressing.

“A lot of women nowadays look for excuses so as not to wear anything, and they all pitch it under the mantle of body positivity. I'm afraid we are raising a generation of women who do not believe in criticism regardless of what they do,” he said.

However, Sheena posited that if a woman feels confident about her body, she should not be limited to wearing what she feels confident in at her home but also to portray the same where she chooses to go.

“Most times women wear particular clothes and get nice compliments about them. And because many women love those compliments, they dress the way they choose for confidence about their bodies,” she said.

Daniel sensed a contradiction where some women claim to feel unsafe in certain clothes and still wear them because they want to feel confident.

“Many women contradict themselves when they say they feel unsafe but will still expose themselves. Meaning one of the statements is untrue. They will dress that way because they don’t feel unsafe or it's entirely safe for them. It doesn't mean that women should be sexually assaulted because of how they dress. If the world is full of evil people, why don't women take precautions to protect themselves?” he wondered.

The two then agreed that certain outfits should be restricted to certain places for instance body revealing clothes at adult concerts, nightclubs, and other adult hangouts.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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