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RX Radio’s Olive: What’s with our MPs and ridiculous proposals?

RX Radio presenter Olive Najjuma has ridiculed a proposal by parliament to prohibit Ugandans from spreading rumours and fake news about politicians, calling it unreasonable.

While on Monday’s The Fatboy Show on RX Radio, Olive said that Parliament is becoming ridiculous with all the funny proposals that seem to be aimed at protecting the MPs and their greed.

“So, they don’t want to be talked about? Is that a way to make the citizenry not to hold them accountable? These MPs are fond of coming up with funny and useless bills. I remember when Saida Bumba lost in the recent election, she allegedly proposed that there should be a parliament for elderly people! Is this what we’ve come to?” she wondered!

Her Co-host James Onen a.k.a Fatboy said such a proposal would be very unreasonable and should not be passed into a law because it will infringe on freedom of speech of Ugandans.

Still on the show, Fatboy was dismayed by the extent of state intimidation that Rwandans are facing in their country.

His dismay springs from an Instagram post by a Rwandan man, Mabumba Oswald married with four children publicly disowning his wife over anti-Rwanda Critical messages she posted on social media.

It should be noted that Rwanda has a strict non criticism policy where those who go against the government end up in prison or even worse.

“When I hear Ugandans praising Rwanda for being a more organised and developed country, I don’t think they understand the level of intimidation and insecurity that these Rwandans are living under. Just being critical of government can get you and your family killed. At least in Uganda, people are free to talk,” he said.

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