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RX Radio’s Olive: Losing my Mother when I was 10 made me a strong person

RX Radio Presenter Olive Najjuma has revealed that she lost her mother when she was 10 years and went through some hardship after that which made her a very resilient and strong person.

Olive, while on Monday’s The Fatboy Show revealed that due to the hard times she went through growing up without her mother, she is able to endure a lot of situations as an adult because she always believes she has already experienced the worst.

“At twenty-five, I had a nice Bank job, some good money and life was good. Then one day, at 31, I lost my job, my savings yet I was also pregnant. Life was bleak but not once in my life did, I ever think of ending my own life. I believe that I have already gone through the worst of challenges and nothing can bring me to a point of contemplating suicide,” she said.

Olive added that a strong support system also helps when one is fighting depression and says that that has also played a great part in keeping her grounded.

Olive and her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy were discussing causes of depressions among young people that are on the increase because of the economic hardships and those that have come as a result of lockdowns due to Covid 19 Pandemic.

Kenya announced a second lockdown for the main city Nairobi as cases of Covid 19 continued to surge.

Fatboy noted that it might not be a good decision for the Kenyan President or any other country to continue imposing lockdowns as this will only worsen the already bad situation.

“Does President Uhuru Kenyatta think this is the best solution to combat the increasing Covid 19 cases, this will affect the small businesses and a lot of young people that are already facing so many hardships that are causing some suicidal thoughts," he said.

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