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Racheal Balimwezo Inspired My Brides Wear Store -Nakiranda Caroline, Vivron Bridals

Carolyne Nakiranda, the owner of Vivron Bridals was inspired by Racheal Balimweza, a wife to Hon. Ronald Balimwezo, the Nakawa East Member of Parliament to start the bridal attire business.

Although she didn’t grow up with a passion for fashion and design, Nakiranda had always wanted to engage in this kind of business.

Partly she says the inspiration to shop materials from China was from her mum, who shopped her Hardware goods from the same country, and her friend Racheal Balimwezo.

“I got the interest in bridal things in 2019. I had a desire before, but I didn't know how to penetrate the market and the business in general. But I admired the fact that my mother used to import her hardware stuff from China because she would go and bring in the things.” Nakiranda revealed.

She added, “I was inspired by Racheal Balimwezo because she has a bridal shop and deals both in traditional and bridal wear but because I was personally interested in Bridal attire, I decided to major in that.”

Before joining the bridal wear business Nakiranda revealed that she was working as a banker.

But she fully adjusted to the business after quitting her banking job and the challenges that followed in getting the new one she hoped to get.

She notes that with the support from her mother and her husband, she joined the business even though it was hard in the beginning.

“It wasn't easy because I remember I started with only accessories and a few stocks but my husband and mum kept on encouraging me. Racheal Balimwezo, also encouraged me not to give up, and before I knew it, things were falling in place, I started ordering for gowns, and as we speak I have a full shop and we bring in new stock each year,” she said.

Vivron Bridals is located at Makindye next to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) offices.

Nakiranda holds a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies and is currently pursuing a Master's in Business Administration,

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