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Psychologist Ndyabahika urges parents to spend time with their children to reduce child abuse

Parents and guardians have been urged to spend enough time their children to be able to create a good relationship that allows them to open up in case of any challenge.

In a chat with RX Radio's Crystal Newman during the 'Groove Cafe' on Tuesday, Ruth Ndyabahika, a child psychologist who is also the founder of Grace Villa Kabale -- said that children are more likely to open up to parents or guardians if they trust them which can only be achieved by creating a close relationship by spending enough time together.

"It's during that time that a child will tell you their deepest secrets, for example, if there is an incident of sexual abuse or torture," Ndyabahika said.

The psychologist further said that parents need to behave or act in a respectful appropriate manner while around their children because children imitate their parents' behaviors.

"The way you dress up, talk and treat people that work for you will determine how your children behaves as an adult. Inspire good behavior by practicing it. When I am with my girls at the orphanage, I make sure I read a book when they are watching because I want them to be invited to read," she added.

Grace Villa was established in 2013 to give home to young girls that have been displaced. It is now home to over 215 girls.

Ndyabahika also appreciated Ugandans who supported the orphanage to buy its own home after they were asked by their former landlord to vacate their former home and encouraged more Ugandans to continue donating to the home noting that these girls need a lot of support to be able to live normal fulfilling lives like other children.

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