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Omara Daniel on Bobi Wine’s Son: Why Try To Ruin The Life Of A Kid By Planting Evidence?

Earlier this week, social media was awash with pictures of Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala Sekayi’s suspension from his school St.Mary's College Kisubi after allegedly being caught with drugs.

It is alleged that the marijuana, wrapped like cigarettes, was found next to a lighter in his suitcase after an abrupt dormitory search. Solomon was then immediately suspended from the school for two weeks due to the school’s zero tolerance policy for indiscipline as stated in the suspension letter.

However, recent claims have emerged showing that the former presidential candidate’s son was framed by a teacher who put the evidence in Solomon’s suitcase to bar him from standing for one of the prominent prefectorial positions in the school.

Commenting on this, the Hear Me Out host, Daniel Omara, said that the intention was to discredit Solomon.

“Solomon was vying for one of those high profile prefectorial posts which was to be Head Prefect. Secondly, it was to discredit his father Kyagulanyi Ssentamu to the older generations and to create a bias against him. Because we all remember Bobi Wine's record- weed being found in his son’s suitcase is like saying that dental products were found in the suitcase of Clever J’s son. And the intent was to create an impression that if you can't keep your house in order then how are you supposed to run a country? That is the narrative,” Omara opined.

He further said that if Bobi Wine's son actually had weed, he would have never have just kept it in his suitcase rolled up as cigarettes next to a lighter, adding that nobody in the business of dealing weed at school would ever sloppily conceal it given that suitcases are an obvious target during dormitory checks.

Daniel, who is also a former teacher, was rather bothered by the teacher who allegedly partook in planting the evidence.

“When teachers start aligning themselves with stuff like this, it's personal for me. We took an oath to educate, build, sustain, enlighten and protect the younger generation. Then you as a teacher decide to go ahead and plant evidence that ruins the life of a kid?”

He added, “And if you don’t feel any sort of guilt or conflict in any way then bruh, you have issues. I know the last two years have been hard for the education sector which has had the longest lockdown on schools. But you are actively participating in the destruction of a child’s reputation and future.”

However, some people on social media opined that political games have often trickled down to politician’s kids and thus said that Bobi Wine’s was no exception which the comedian disagreed on.

“People were saying that if the general public can go after Museveni’s kids, then even others can go after Kyagulanyi’s. But that's not how things work. Because what has Solomon Kampala ever tweeted or posted on social media that implied that he has intentions of taking over the country at some point? I went through the backlog of his social media and he was posting about his siblings and how fun they are, and how hot his mum is because we all agree Barbie is fly. He even hangs out with friends including Bebe Cool's son despite their fathers being political opponents.”

“Now when I hear people say that if you can go after Muhoozi then the same can be done to Solomon Kampala, I don’t think it’s fair game. Muhoozi is a grown man in his 40’s, probably almost clocking 50. No one was bothered about him until he started posting about his random things on Twitter; like calling President Kagame his uncle and talking about how the Bachwezi are going to rule the country. Whatever backlash he’s receiving is partly because he’s the son of President Museveni but mainly it's because of his tweets.”

Daniel concluded by saying that putting the first son and Solomon Kampala in the same category is a sinister move, and blamed the teacher who planted the evidence for trying to destroy a young man’s aspirations.

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