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Olive:Why Is The Policeman Being Dismissed For Leaking The Judicial Officers’ Meeting With Museveni?

In February 2021, PC John Andiandu was arrested and detained for a month without trial following leaked CCTV pictures that aired across news outlets showing the Chief Justice and his deputy’s motorcade meeting with President Museveni.

This happened a few days before the ruling of the election petition filed by former Presidential candidate and NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi prompting him to withdraw the case believing he wouldn’t get justice.

According to police officers who spoke to Daily Monitor, Andiandu reportedly used a senior police officer’s credentials and the officer’s personal log in details to scoop the information.

The Judicial officers in defense admitted visiting the state house but to witness the swearing in ceremony of Justice Margaret Apiny who had been appointed High Court judge.

Although this controversy seemed long buried, Andiandu who was a CCTV security network expert was dismissed from his job regarding the same issue on May 2, 2022 .

“Now if there wasn't anything wrong with whatever the Judges were doing, why is this man being fired? Olive Najjuma, The Fatboy Show Presenter on RX Radio asked.

“Is it abuse of duty? Is it divulging information that was supposed to be kept secret? Why? She questioned.

Also her co-host James Onen wondered why the police officer was being fired at such a later stage to which Olive answered, “that police was doing what it does best, that is investigating.”

“So what does it mean that someone within the Police would do this, could it mean that the opposition might have friends in the force, because he must have done it understanding that it has political repercussions,” Fatboy added.

Olive in response said that “Yes, the opposition has friends and over the years, when Besigye still stood for Presidency, it was said that even in the army, there were factions and that a large chunk of it voted for the opposition. So probably this is one of the people in Police who agrees with their ideology so much so that he had to do something as that.

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