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Olive: When A Couple Sextexts, Even God Understands

The Fatboy Show presenter Olive Najjuma has supported sexting that it is not a sin especially if a couple is married.

Olive was responding to whether sexting can keep a long-distance relationship alive. She opined that it is vital for a relationship.

“I think sexting is important especially if it's a long-distance relationship because it keeps the relationship vibrant. It's not something you do every day, but at some point in the day or later in the night, you have to spice the relationship up a bit,” Olive said.

But her co-host James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy, from a religious perspective asked whether sexting isn’t a sin. He wondered whether couples shouldn’t be thinking of each other as friends and companions rather than discussing each other’s genitals via text.

Olive replied, “assuming it's a married couple and one partner leaves the country. When they text that way, even god understands because they’re legally together,” she said.

Still, Fatboy, queried whether long-distance partners shouldn’t be focusing more on creating a stronger emotional bond between themselves other than arousing each other and ending up cheating.

Olive replied that by the time a couple gets sexting, they would have created an emotional bond, insisting that sexting is the only means of spicing up a long-distance relationship.

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