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Olive: The New System For BodaBoda Operators Will Help In Curbing Crime

The Ministry of Works and Transport yesterday began the sensitization campaign for all bodaboda riders in Kampala on traffic laws aimed at regulating their operations. The campaign is also aimed at evaluating their mental status before being given permission to carry on any business.

Being the most convenient means of transport, a few users can disagree that the riders need a mental test given how reckless they tend to be.There is also a complaint of disrespecting other road users and traffic laws.

Similarly boda bodas are a concern for personal security. Many Ugandans can attest to their belongings being grabbed by speeding motorcyclists. It is unfortunate that some lives have been taken by assassins who use speeding motorcycles as getaway vehicles.

According to the new regulation, bodaboda riders are to receive uniforms for recognition on top of being allocated divisions of operation. However this is after the confirmation of one’s mental health. The fatboy show presenters were pleased with this idea.

“So lets say pink is for Rubaga, even if you find him in Wakiso, you will know that the boda guy who stole your phone can be identified, probably it would have a number.He can be traced.”said Olive Najjuma.

Her co-host James Onen aka Fatboy agreed that the uniform idea might easily curtail crime but the wrong doers might as well just not wear the uniforms and continue with committing the offenses.

Olive noted that it will be the responsibility of the bodaboda user to decide whether or not to take on an identified motorcyclist well knowing the risks that come with using an unregistered motorcyclist.

Ronald Nkata, the bodaboda riders’ trainer from Uganda Standards Driving Agency informed that close to 120,000 riders are to undergo the six month training. After the training, the riders will have gained knowledge in traffic laws and regulations, highway code of conduct , hazard perception and having a positive attitude.

The training has commenced with bodaboda riders operating from Kampala but expected to be extended to other parts of the country.

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