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Olive: Sometimes Men Keep Too Much To Themselves In A Relationship

Most men do not easily open up to their partners to reveal their emotional and vulnerable side.

Used as a protective mechanism for their masculinity, it sometimes creates a communication gap between partners and worse when the partner is undergoing personal or economic challenges.

Giving her opinion, The Fatboy Show presenter Olive Najjuma said that men do not have to open up about everything, but keeping all emotions inside alienates their partners.

"It's not mandatory to discuss everything but sometimes men keep too much to themselves. In the end, their partners feel alienated and opaque, "Olive reasoned.

Olive added that opening up doesn't have to be about what her partner ate for lunch or the traffic he met on the way. Talk about issues like bank debts. Though the woman may not help with the money, she could find possible solutions.

However, Fatboy the co-host of the show said women "pry" their men to open up because they are constantly assessing the relationship.

"Women want to know if the ship is sinking or not so that they pack and leave when the ship goes down," Fatboy reasoned.

Olive insisted that most women want to know to devise solutions to challenges.

"Banks attach property and the wife gets to know when the brokers come because husbands don't open up. He could be in the know that creditors are coming but the wife has no idea. She gets to know when the bailiffs are at the residence carrying out your belongings. Had she known, she could have secured the property and helped settle the loan.

But Fatboy was concerned that most men refuse to open up because their problems are at times used against them.

Similarly, Olive said the same judgment goes either way. The fear of being judged comes if there is not enough trust among the partners.

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