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Olive: People Should Be Sensitized Rather than Forced To Take Covid Jabs

The Fatboy Show Presenter Olive Najjuma has stated how mass sensitization about Covid-19 vaccination and its benefits should be carried out, rather than use of forceful or coercive means to drive up vaccination numbers.

This comes after a directive made by Deputy Speaker of Parliament Anita Among was issued, stating that unvaccinated MPs and other parliamentary staff would only be granted Parliament access if they could prove they are vaccinated, citing that they need to be a good example for the public to embrace the exercise.

During the morning show with Daniel Omara, Olive said despite the vaccines being currently more than the people willing to receive them, it is still wrong to ‘force’ people to take jabs.

“No one forced me to take the jab, because I did my research about the vaccines before making my decision, unlike other people who have no access to this kind of information. But the Ministry believes that when they put some ads on television and radio, then everyone is sensitised yet there are people who cannot afford having these electronics in their households.”

She added, “Though we have many stations broadcasting in local languages, there are regions in Uganda such as villages deep in Nakapiripirit where some people don't even believe that Covid is real given that villages in those areas may not even have a radio.”

Daniel also pointed out that people are scared of getting vaccinated and yet the Ministry is not bothered to explain what vaccines are constituted of, but just expects people to take them.

“I think they are failing to deliver the message and address the fear attached to the vaccines. People are naturally scared of anything new and they will always gravitate away from it. That's why sensitization is so essential, because people won't be taking something they are afraid of,” he commented.

Nonetheless, Daniel and Olive found it funny that legislators were being told to lead by example in regards to receiving the vaccine and not in terms of corruption, getting per diems, buying expensive cars or building arcades.

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