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Olive: If A Tweet Lands A Person In Kitalya, How About A Tomato Thrown At The President?

While commenting on the tomatoes thrown at the French President Emmanuel Macron at a Paris suburb market, The Fatboy Show Presenter Olive Najjuma meditated on what could happen if the same was thrown at an African President.

The conversation was derived from the several tomatoes hurled at President Macron on Wednesday 27, April 2022, while he was addressing a crowd in a north western Paris suburb, trying to communicate his dedication to serve all the French people regardless of whom they had voted for.

Macron on April 24, 2022 won the Presidential election for the second time in a row beating his opponent Jean-Luch Melnécont who had collected a 48 percent support of the French people.

But this wasn't the first time a public attack was launched onto the French President. In June last year, Macron was slapped in the face by a man during an official visit to the South-east of France.

In September the same year, an egg was thrown at him and hit his shoulder during an international food trade fair in the city of Lyon.

“If a situation like that was to happen in a country like the Banana Republic, what do you think would happen? Olive asked her co-host James Onen, commonly known as Fatboy.

Fatboy responded that several rounds of ammunition and magazines would be emptied into whoever person that could have attempted the act.

“I mean if a tweet gets you days or months in Kitalya or God knows which dungeon, how about launching an egg or a slap onto the person,” Olive contemplated.

However, the presenters condemned the acts saying that, “they are the worst form of political protest that could ever be done to anyone besides the President.” They proposed that if one wants to show their discontentedness with the ruling government, they rather should mobilize people with the same political ideologies and run for an election.

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