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Olive: How Is The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Not Going To Harm Citizens?

For the past week, the debate of having a third World War has been the new talk of the town after Russia’s President Vladmir Putin launched aggressive attacks on the former Soviet Union state of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022 even though he assured that Ukrainian citizens would not be involved.

Commenting on these events, Olive Monica Najjuma, The Fatboy Show host, reasoned that it was impossible not to harm citizens in the invasion.

“In the past, we’ve seen the US in terrorist invasions say that they will only be hitting terrorist compounds but over time, its been realized that many of those hurt were women and children. The US would then come out to say that they were sure that what they had hit was a terrorist compound. So how is Russia going to differentiate between civilians and military bases?”

However, Daniel Omara, her guest Co-host of The Fatboy Show said that differentiating citizens from the army bases would be possible but that couldn’t guarantee their safety.

“There is a reason why the English invented another word for sufferers of war that are not the target; where people are accidentally killed. That’s why they came up with the words ‘collateral damage.’ I think it's one of the rules of engagement.”

“Putin believes that he will succeed in not harming civilians though reports are showing that some have been hurt while others killed. Many people have been reported to be hiding underground in their residential basements and metro stations,” he added.

Although countries like Germany, Italy, the UK and the US have pledged solidarity with Ukraine, none of the countries has so far provided any military assistance to the state. In his statements, Putin warned the countries against their involvement saying the repercussions they would face would be something they’ve never experienced in their history.

Omara commenting on this said, “I think it's very possible that the third World War may start. I can even address it from a biblical perspective in Revelations which said it's going to happen. The ‘rise of the beast’ in the East which is China and random conflicts and crappy leadership. War is bad either way people die because of the bad decisions of high ranking military officials.”

Omara also revealed that he has a brother who found love and is currently living in the Ukraine. He however remarked that after their safety is guaranteed and issues of the Europeans should be better left to them to handle, arguing that Africa shouldn’t be involved .

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