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Olive: At least 2 Billion Won’t Be Spent Paying Employees Under Suspension

A report carried out by the Auditor General John Muwanga last week indicated that nearly 2 billion shillings was lost paying the suspended Uganda Airlines top managers, prompting the interim board to terminate Cornwell Muleya the CEO of Uganda Airlines and Uganda Air, a position he's been in since 2013.

Although the decision came after 9 months of suspension, The Fatboy Show Presenter Olive Najjuma said it's better that it was eventually made.

“At least now we know that 2 billion shillings is not going to be spent paying people under suspension and two; we know that people who have been squandering public money are out,” she said.

The board suspended on the orders of the President was under scrutiny for nine months wherein a report showed that they were still receiving full monthly salaries. It was reported that the CEO of Uganda Airlines Cornwell Muleya received 50 million shillings monthly whereas other top managers received 40 million shillings per month.

“So they were sitting at home collecting money for free? Because when you’re on suspension, it's not like you’re working from home. You're not answering calls, attending zoom meetings or responding to emails. You’re not even allowed on the premises. But then you’re collecting your full 50 million? What a lucky guy!” Fatboy exclaimed.

Fatboy continued, “The suspension sounded like a paid holiday. But I am sure he doesn’t appreciate the stain on his reputation because he will forever be labeled the axed former CEO of the Uganda Airlines and it might be difficult for him to obtain similar employment of the same status.”

Olive, in similar thought, said that since the directors were recommended and then sacked on the orders of the President, it somewhat makes them doomed. Regardless of this, she believes that given his stature, the loss of this job won’t be Muleya’s downfall as he must have invested in other money making ventures during his serving time as the CEO Uganda Airlines and Uganda Air.

Cornwell Muleya and 12 other officials such as Paul Turacayisenga the Finance Director, the Director of Commercial and Rogers Wamara Procurement Manager where suspended on April 12, 2021 on the command of President Museveni so as to carry out investigations into mismanagement of funds, recruitment of staff along nepotic lines, collusion and others issues.

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