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Objectivity In Influencing Is Key - Moses Echodu, Sports Influencer & Enthusiast

While influencing is driven by a passion for a particular niche, if not regulated, one could easily damage their credibility, especially for sports.

Today on The Influencer Table Episode 6 on RX Radio, guests and renowned Ugandan sports influencers Moses Echodu and Geno Eric admitted that professional influencing demands objectivity for one to be credible.

The two submitted that an influencer pays keen attention to details of the games, the players, and the match, which helps them garner their thoughts and help in making informed decisions.

"There has to be a difference between a passionate and professional person. The way people perceive you determines your credibility," said Moses.

Geno Eric believed that influencers should be careful with how they package their information, not to seem biased.

To him, if he isn't sure of a happening, he uses words like 'purported' so that it's clear that the information is from other sources, unlike when he is sure about it.

Moses added that although people need to know the influencer's affiliations, it requires them to stay objective to deliver trustworthy and truthful information.

“If I’m a Real Madrid fan, I will categorically speak about the club, whether it is not doing well at a particular time and why they might be succeeding at a particular time to help people understand and make sense of the situation,” he said.

They further said Influencing, even though based on passion, must be paid for.

Geno Eric confessed that as an ardent fan of KCCA FC, he could post and comment on the club, giving all the details because he is passionate about it. However, when he became a professional influencer, he started getting gigs, and had to switch to doing professional business for a living from his passion.

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