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My Skin Care Line Is To Help People Love Themselves - CEO BELLAZSKIN

According to skin experts, skin texture impacts one's self-esteem depending on how good or bad it looks.

Every individual wishes to have flawless skin. When pimple breakouts happen, many people become uncomfortable and emotionally distressed sometimes experiencing low self-confidence.

Appearing on the Groove Cafe, Tyra Margach Isabella said she opened up BELLAZSKIN, a skincare line to help people deal with their skin challenges.

“It's something I realized a lot of people are struggling with. I also realized that with or without Covid, we need to take care of ourselves. Since I like myself and people who like and care about themselves, I wanted to find a way of helping people love themselves even more. I do not think there is a better other than taking care of your skin and pampering yourself. Looking good and having people compliment you for it feels good," Bella said.

Being a flight attendant, Margach created her startup during the Covid 19 lockdown with an aim of establishing a brand that will travel continents.

Luckily, her mother, an international traveler, and businesswoman guided and led her to the right people for the business.

“I have organic serums, oils, scrubs, soaps, and different skincare products. They quite nourish the skin making it stronger and thicker. Very many people damage their skins unknowingly. We, therefore, offer to advise on skincare such that we restore beautiful skins for clients,” she said.

Currently, Margach said her focus is on rooting for a strong brand in Uganda before exporting the products to other states.

She said, “several people opt for international products because Africans doubt their own. The ingredients most African products contain are from our environment and they understand our skin compositions.”

“Our skins need different products from that whites use. Because of their weather, their skins are different, and so are the ingredients in their cosmetics. In Africa, we have ghee, turmeric, honey, and yogurt which when used for skin care can nourish the skin. Sometimes people use brands from abroad but their skins are worse because products do not match with African skin,” she added.

Besides her business, Margach is a flight attendant working with Uganda Airlines. She was Miss Teen Mirinda 2012, Miss Uganda 1st Runner up for 2018-2019, and Miss personality 2018-2019. She is a trained lawyer who, after her Diploma in Law joined Uganda Aviation Academy and pursued a Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew training.

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