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My Passion For Family Influenced The Creation Of Bump Love - Rachael A Mwine

Co-host of Bump Love, a motherhood-oriented show on NTV Uganda, Racheal A Mwine has revealed that her passion for family saw the creation of the famous Television show, Bump Love, which she hosts with four other mothers.

The former radio presenter and NTV Uganda news anchor quit her job in 2018 to have more time for her family and herself. She then joined a tech company which she left shortly after the event of Covid 19.

She then developed the concept of Bump Love with a friend and fellow mother that grew from their conversations about their children.

“Starting Bump Love was my passion. When I was leaving NTV, my husband said I should first decide on the next step. So I was forced into a corner to think and realized that I’m passionate about family. Though I wasn’t vocal about it, I knew Manuella was. So we discussed it and developed its concept,” Racheal said.

“Initially, it was going to be about her. I was going to produce the show until our spouses advised us to make it splendid. So we looked for potential hosts, and it has been good since then. The chemistry between us is really great,” she added.

Growing up, Mwine described herself as one who was fairly mischievous and cheeky but also a conversational child, a character that amazes her now as an introverted adult.

She grew up watching TV one day when her attention was hooked by Manira Ali on the World Panorama program. Manira's outspokenness made her request her dad to place her inside the television so that she could present like the person she saw behind the screen.

At home, whenever there was a case to answer to, she would always be the one to explain and defend the situation. She was quick to volunteer in leading prayers whenever the rest of her siblings shyed away.

Fortunately, after realizing her passion, her parents nurtured it. “I remember when I was going to University, they supported me to do mass communication because what I was going to do was clear to them,” she said.

When starting up Bump Love, Rachael and Manuella considered having a team of outspoken mothers on the show. Regular, with an interest to create big brands for themselves. The show is presented by Rachael, Manuela, Rosette, Pumla, and Angie giving and sharing different views about parenting while advising parents having trouble with parenting.

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