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Lesham & Joel: If Your Girlfriend Doesn't Post You On Social Media, She Doesn't Find You Attractive

In a conversation about male attractiveness, Lesham and her significant other Joel on The Fatboy Show today morning agreed that when a person posts who they are dating on social media, it goes to show how much they love them.

This was after Fatboy presented the details of a study which showed that men were more physically attractive to women when wearing face masks.

The UK study carried out by researchers from Cardiff University in February 2021 involved 40 men where some had their faces covered by surgical masks, others by a book and the rest uncovered. The 43 women in the study rated men wearing surgical masks the most attractive followed by those wearing cloth masks and those wearing none at all were rated lowest.

Fatboy said he was surprised to know that looks mattered so much to women and asked the couple whether this was the reason why some people posted pictures of themselves and not their lovers on social media platforms.

”I had a friend who didn't want others to know about her man. She wouldn’t hang out publicly with him because even though she admitted to loving him, she didn’t think he was attractive,” Lesham revealed.

“So she would be dating you incognito which is a move a lot of girls do,” Joel commented jokingly.

Fatboy added that oftentimes, he has wondered why some women post themselves in fancy locations with appetizing meals at the dinner table, making sure to exclude their date in photos.

“Recently I came across a picture of a girl seated at a table at a fancy restaurant with two plates. Clearly there was someone else and she posted three or four pictures but I was amazed because there was not even one photo with the guy she was with.”

Concerned about why women do this, the Presenter asked whether this meant less attractive men like him will have a hard time finding true love, leaving women to date him for other benefits, mostly financial.

However, Lesham consoled him saying that women are interested in looks only till a certain age which they tend to outgrow and start to focus on other qualities outside physical attraction.

“How are men supposed to differentiate if they are being loved genuinely or being taken advantage of then? Fatboy asked.

“Well, it's the ratio of photos posted to the money spent!” Joel responded.

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