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Lesham: I Can't Date A Person More Hygienic Than Me

RX Radio Presenter Lesham has confessed how she cannot date a man more concerned about hygiene than she is.

She said this during The Fatboy Show with Co-host Fatboy while having a conversation on insecurities people face in relationships. This is when Lesham mentioned that she would not date a person who has more OCD than her.

“I can't be with a person who’s more hygienic than me because I'll be doing the opposite of what he wants. I’d have to talk to him and fight the behaviour until something happens or else we would fight the whole month.”

In addition, she said most women feel insecure when they are in relationships with men hotter than them because of how it makes them feel less secure and confident.

“The insecurity most women have is dating a man hotter than they are. I don't know whether this would make me insecure because currently my partner is more attractive than I am because he has nicer nails and hair. But when men get hit on more than their ladies do, it causes insecurity. I always let my partner make his own decisions though,” she said.

Fatboy reasoned that this kind of insecurity causes women to go for more average looking or ugly men so as to feel safe yet sometimes they end up being played by them. “You will find a very beautiful woman dating a man who isn’t good looking at all and yet he will still go out there and entertain other women,” the Presenter said.

To this Lesham argued that women forget that when they accept to date average guys, the desire of the average man to woo more other women increases. Also, women will be attracted to an ugly man with an outrageously beautiful woman just to find out the secret in him given that she is way out of his league.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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