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Katarina on challenges of building an online education startup in Uganda

The Founder and Chief Executive of Checheza Katarina Stensson has said that lack of easy access to internet in Uganda is limiting children from utilising online learning platforms which would help them improve their learning and reading skills.

Checheza is an edutech startup started to provide online content to children.

Chatting with Crystal Newman in The Groove Café on RX Radio, Katarina noted that she had formed the online learning platform Checheza with hopes of helping young children to get an early start on learning and writing English and solving mathematics problems but realised only a few learners are utilising the platform.

"We later realised that the reason most Ugandan parents and children don't use online education platforms is because of access issues. Most cannot afford the data while others don't have the necessary gadgets like smart phones that support the platforms," she said.

"It is important for young children to have a good early start on learning and solving mathematic problems. We are targeting kids from kindergarten to primary one because that's where most kids learn to read and solve basic math problems which that provides the foundation for better learning as they grow old."

She added that there is need for app developers to make the application friendlier so that they can be accessed on feature phones if more people are to have access.

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