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Kalyegira To Fatboy: Do Your Homework Before Debating God’s Existence

Renowned Journalist, Data analyst and staunch theist Timothy Kalyegira has asked Fatboy and all atheists to do their research before making a conclusion that God’s existence is mythical.

In a long awaited logical battle between the two media personalities about reality and superstition, Kalyegira while appearing on RX Radio’s Fatboy Show explained that many people grow up listening and reading bible stories as a tradition and lose the meaning of God when they become adults.

“ In my O-level, I did Christian Religious Education (CRE) and what intrigued me the most is that I started seeing actual photographs of the places that were being talked about in the Bible including the ruins of Jericho and places like Bethlehem and Nazareth that it actually changed what I initially took as historical truth.”

“The Bible appears like a fairytale cover to cover and that is why many people tend to get skeptical as they age. That is why most people’s concept of God gets stuck at the age of twelve and because of their child-like religious beliefs and limited research from their religious drought, they become agnostic and skeptical.”

However, Fatboy said that different people have different reasons as to why they don't believe in God; including iniquities done by the religious. But to him, it is not convincing that the universe and its intricate system was created by a supernatural being, given that the universe is self-sufficient with ability to harbour life with its eternal properties such as matter, energy, space and time.

“I feel like the universe theoretically existed eternally but if I am put to task to justify how the universe then came to existence, I would be happy to say I don't know; just the same way the religious don't know how the sentient being came to exist,” Fatboy said.

In response, Kalyegira said that some facts self exist eternally without cause and God is one. He added that for the many years scientists have tried to create a technological human resemblance but haven’t been able to make a relatable human consciousness even with the billions of dollars and amount of time invested.

“Even if the rest of the Bible is fiction, go and do your research on the first sequence on the appearance of light. Properties such as matter are scientifically proven and rhyme with Genesis 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3. To me, that is sufficient” said Kalyegira

The Fatboy Show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Lesham, Sarah and Olive every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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