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I Started My Events Company While At University - Revival Kemigisha, Founder of Oeuvre Events Ltd

The founder of Oeuvre Events Ltd an Events Management Company, Revival Kemigisha, said she began her events company in 2016 while at University.

Revival said that whereas her coursemates were solely into studies, she was up and about working and trying to run an ushering team that eventually became an events company.

“I started in 2016, while at University, and was working at a research firm. And because of ambitions, I got some of my salaries and registered the company, so we began business,” she narrated.

“We started with ushering then evolved into decor, design, wedding planning, which we have done until now,” she added.

Revival later started up a wedding magazine which received a good reception. “The fact that we showcase several tribes, the Ankole, some Eritreans, South Sudanese, Rwandese, a lot of people love it in Kenya and even in South Sudan,” she said.

The magazine was created in 2020, followed by a wedding and events Expo. “I realized a gap created by Covid and people who were getting married needed resources, where they can find bridal wear, and mostly to link the service providers to couples intending to marry,” she said.

Although she is not married yet, Revival Kemigisha revealed that she also does pre-marital counseling based on the Bible and still believes it is a good thing despite the negativity spread about it.

Besides Events Management, Revival Kemigisha is a Communications specialist with experience in Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, Leadership, Public Speaking, Public Administration, Business Development, Project Management, and Research.

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