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I’m Chasing My Other Passion In Politics (Diplomacy) - Julius Bukyana, Former NBS TV Journalist

Upon resigning from his job, former NBS TV journalist Julius Bukyana joined active politics in July this year and is now vying for a position in the East African Legislative Assembly as an East African Community Legislator.

Julius Bukyana, a former parliament reporter, revealed that he grew interested in Diplomacy and International relations, and the interest became evident when he started campaigning before resigning as a journalist.

“I loved diplomacy so much. I loved to see protocol guys in suits. Yes, I loved journalism because I wanted popularity, and I achieved it but did not want to do that till I became 60. After covering the Presidential campaigns last year, I noticed that the last term of legislators was this year, and I decided to start campaigning,” he said.

Given the nature of his job, he had to drop one for the other and eventually resigned from NBS TV, where he had worked for four years.

“The HR eventually found out. For the first time, I was suspended from NBS because the information got out in a tweet. However, no retraction was sought from me. I eventually resigned because of the pressure from the job and balancing work with the campaigns. I decided to resign 3-4 months to the elections to give myself time for campaigns.”

Nonetheless, he extended his gratitude to NBS TV for grooming his brand and enabling him to make it popular among citizens.

“When I joined NBS TV, I had 244 followers on Twitter, and today I have 12.5k. They have grown my brand, I moved places so much that people recognize me, and that humbles me. With NBS, I have traveled places, met prominent people, and shook hands with people that I just used to watch on television, I am forever grateful to NBS TV,” he posited.

Julius Bukyana holds a degree in journalism and mass communication from Nkumba University, a Masters degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the same institution, and now hoping to represent Uganda in the East Africa Legislative Assembly 2022 - 2027.

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