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I Learnt Hairstyling Online: Jacqueline Mugamba

Constantly trying out hair designs she found online, Jacqueline Mugamba was excited to know that she had perfected her skill and could put it into practice. First starting with friends, the hairstyling was in no time making profits from her side hustle.

With the set of skills acquired, she started a mobile salon with friends later expanding to include the sale of hair products .

“I started with my own hair and sometimes wondered how to style it. Then one day I tried to replicate a video on flat twisting and it came out nicely. When I went to church my friends complimented my hair. After some time, I thought of turning it into an income generating business and my friends were supportive so that's how I started,” she narrated.

Mugamba was sharing her experiences on The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman on RX Radio. “Aside from my job as a finance assistant, I decided to go an extra step and enrolled into a beauty program with a few other friends from church who were each specializing in different skills that they are all now earning from.”

With her full time job, Mugamba says that she does the hairstyling over the weekends. However, she acknowledges that business needs patience and confidence, as well as determination to keep going while learning something new everyday.

As a stylist, she discovered another income opportunity that she seized and now juggles both with her job.

“One time I posted on my status how I style my hair and someone asked if they could buy shampoo from me. It then occurred to me that I could expand outside the hairstyling business. So when the lockdown was eased, that is when we got into the natural hair products business,” she recounted.

The hairstylist said that the effects of the 2020 lockdown made her come to a realization that she needed to be more dedicated to her business that when the transport sector was reopened, she immediately resumed selling the natural hair products.

The Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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