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I Discovered My Calling In Senior Two - Ronnie Habasa, Events Host And Team Building Coach

Many people struggle to find their life’s calling and sometimes do after trying out several things or after undergoing some life-changing moments.

Renowned events host and team building coach Ronnie Habasa, while on the Groove Cafe with Crystal Newman, said he realized this while in senior two.

Ronnie recalled that he was invited to a Watoto Church youth bash by a friend, and it was when he discovered something new about himself.

“When we reached our destination (Nabinoonya), there were almost 700 kids. I was stuck with my friend Damalie because she was the only one I knew. Then something interesting happened. One of the leaders asked something, and I shouted “yes” without even thinking, and everyone just burst out in laughter, like this guy is funny,” he narrated.

“Then we began chatting, I got out of my shell and started talking to some pretty ladies. The girls were laughing, and I was shocked I was making them laugh. By the time the day ended, the facilitator asked us to write comments on the people sitting in front of us on their backs, and you were not supposed to check the comment till we got home,” he narrated.

Ronnie followed the instructions of not reading the paper until he reached home. “When I got home, I followed the instructions, showered, and then I got to read; ‘you are very funny, handsome. I was in shock and couldn’t help smiling the whole time. I slept with the paper, and it helped me discover that maybe I have something to offer,” he said.

Ten years later, he recounted that the exposure gave him the confidence to become an entertainer. He started hosting events one by one, from friends' events to big corporate functions and events.

He got into team building training which he says also happened by mistake after a friend held the first segment and left one for him to carry on.

“Her name is Linda Danke. she gave me a folder I have used to date. Once in a while, I take her for breakfast because she launched me into consultancy,” he recalled.

From then onwards, he has been in the sector and is now a member of the John Maxwell team.

He is currently the Director of Everything Teams (Eteams Consult Ltd). He is also the CEO of Vine Awards and one of the Directors of Dream House Events, a decoration, and events company.

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