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Fatboy: Women Are Yet To Be The Leading Advocates Of Non- Marriages

As more troubles continue to pile up at Teddy Naluswa Bugingo, a senior pastor at World of Salvation Church Ministries, some Ugandans are expressing skepticism about marriage.

The embattled Naluswa on Friday last week was slapped with fines after refusing to present car documents, land titles and a marriage certificate to the Makindye High Court Family Division that was presided by Justice Joseph Mulangira.

According to reports, Aloysious Bugingo convinced the judge that the documents were very instrumental in the divorce case. He said that the documents were left at their marital home in Kitende, Wakiso after their separation in 2016.

RX Radio presenter, Olive Najjuma on the Fatboy Show reported that Naluswa having spent 29 years in marriage with Bugingo, fears that she might be left with nothing once the documents are presented in court because it is alleged that Bugingo changed ownership of all their properties into his names making himself a sole proprietor.

It is also alleged that Bugingo announced that he gained everything he owns individually. However, on numerous public occasions he confessed having gained what he has with the support of his wife Naluswa.

With reference from the above unfortunate event, Fatboy show presenter James Onen aka Fatboy emphasized that the saga expresses how complicated marriage is. Someone can allot their time and energy to create a strong empire but if things do not work out, he/ she ends up with nothing.

He said that with the financial twist where women are seemingly becoming more financially successful than men, they might become non-marriage advocates since they can become targets of bankruptcy from divorce cases.

“The leading advocates of non- marriage are going to be women because they are now making a lot of money and so time will come when the broke men they’ll be getting married to will want to take it to the cleaners in order to protect themselves.” he said.

Olive conformed to his opinion saying that most women want to get married to men with higher status, finances, Education than themselves. But when a woman climbs the money ladder to the top where there’s no competition, she will find herself with limited options and might choose a man with lesser resources.

“But would you be happy in such a marriage? Tell me of a woman who is content with having a man she’s more successful than. She may post on Facebook about her engagement and wedding pictures but deep down, she will be thinking, ‘man, I married a loser but what can I do? he's the best I could find,’” said Fatboy.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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