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Fatboy: Valentine’s Day does not feel the same anymore

Uganda yesterday 14th of February joined the rest of the world to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which celebrates love and relations.

Normally, there is a lot of hype and expectations especially for people in love. However, this year, there were no visible happy couples clad in red and black all over the streets like it has been over the years.

According to RX Radio presenter James Onen a.k.a Fatboy, this new normal of Covid-19 restrictions is to blame for the lack of zeal that Ugandans show nowadays.

“Valentine’s day didn’t feel the same this time. People are no longer happy and expressive. Although I am an introvert and prefer spending time alone, I love to see people happy, dancing and enjoying life. With all these restrictions that have been put in place, all that is no more which is sad,” he said on Monday’s The Fatboy Show.

His co-host Olive Najjuma noted that although it may be inconveniencing, the restrictions are for the safety of everyone and so we should be able to forego some things to keep safe.

“People are actually getting used to the new normal and with time, we will figure out how to live normally in these abnormal times,” she said.

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