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Fatboy to Ministry of Health Officials: Ugandans have a right to question use of Covid-19 Funds

RX Radio presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said Ugandans have a right to ask for accountability from the ministry of health on how the Covid 19 donations were used.

The Ministry of Health received a total of Shs 29 billion from donations by the private sector to facilitate activities aimed at stopping further spread of COVID-19. Many Ugandans have been questioning how the funds were used, a thing that didn’t sit well with the Permanent Secretary in the Health Ministry Dr. Diana Atwine who said it was unfair for Ugandans to brand government officials as thieves.

Rubbishing claims that the money couldn’t be accounted for, Atwine said part of the money will be used to set up structures at border points which will serve as health workers’ accommodation facilities and that some of the money will be used to commence construction of blood banks in Arua and Soroti districts.

While Wednesday’s The Fatboy Show, Fatboy noted that there has been past instances where government funds have been misused hence the public had good reason to doubt the ministry of health officials.

“Dr Atwiine is in a public office using public funds, she should expect this kind of scrutiny from the public. If she cannot handle the heat, let her get out,” Fatboy said.

Olive Najjuma, a co-presenter of the show noted that the covid-19 funds have been mulled with corruption starting with bidding and procurement processes hence it is only expected that the public would ask some questions.

“When government wanted to procure masks, food, radios, Oxygen, no advert was put in the media to call for interested bidders. The contracts were given to suppliers some of them close to the first family and these have not delivered up to expectations. We have a right to question how our funds are being used since its tax payer’s money,” she said.

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