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Fatboy: There Seems To Be No End To The ADF Insurgency

In an attempt to end the ADF terrorist attacks on Ugandans and Congolese nationals, the Uganda and Congo launched a joint military offensive against the group on November 30th, invading their hideout camps in the Eastern Congo forests.

However, on Tuesday 11th January 2022, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Armed Forces Of The Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) cautioned the Congolese locals against possible attacks by the ADF terrorists, saying they may guise themselves in military fatigues of the troops to kill people with an intention of destroying the repute of the armies and to ruin their operations.

While commenting on this during The Fatboy show, Presenter Fatboy said that besides Uganda already having a bad reputation in Congo, the ADF taking this path would only aggravate the situation.

“We already have a bad reputation in Eastern Congo because during our first time there, Ugandan forces were accused by international human rights groups of plundering and committing other atrocities. So imagine ADF rebels dressing as Ugandan forces and wreaking havoc in the community, this will just make the situation worse.”

He went on to wonder what the intentions of the ADF rebels could be. “It seems like there’s no end to this conflict because even their agenda is not clear, and I have asked this question a number of times because even the LRA, as weird as it was, had a mission statement of wanting the country to be ruled under the 10 commandments. But the ADF’s intentions are unclear. Is it to rule Uganda?”

The guest host of the show and television personality Viola Kusasira was also curious to understand what the ADF interests were and whether these are in Uganda or Congo.

“We had Kony speaking about what he wanted and we had some people taken to court but these people seem to be ghosts. The ones speaking for them aren't the ones fighting in the bush, so I think there’s more to this story than what we are being told,” she commented.

The ADF established itself in Eastern Congo more than decade ago where they carry out terrorist attacks on both Congolese nationals suspected of giving out information about them and on Ugandans with their recent attacks being the twin bomb blasts that happened in November 2021 within Kampala, killing 7 and injuring 37 including police officers.

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