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Fatboy: The SMACK Headteacher Is Going To Have To Explain The Sodomy Allegations

Shocking photos allegedly exposing the St. Mary’s College Kisubi Headteacher caught red handed engaging in sexual acts with a junior male school teacher yesterday took Ugandans by surprise, sparking social outrage and mixed reactions.

The photos released by Fred Lumbuye, a Government critic, were backed by allegations that Brother Aliganyira Deodati, the then headteacher of St. Edwards Bukuumi in the former Kibaale District, now known as Kakumiro District, was in March 2009 caught in the act of having sexual relations with another male.

Shortly after, these were then handed to then Deputy Headteacher Constance Nanyondo who, upon scrutinizing the pictures and videos, organized for a school board meeting and Brother Aliganyira was suspended immediately as investigations ensued. It is alleged that during the plot to present the case to the ArchDiocese in Kampala, Nanyondo’s house was burnt by Aliganyira to destroy evidence- who disguised the incident as a riot by students.

To speed up investigations, Nanyondo is said to have presented the photos and videos to media house New Vision group so as to get them published in the Bukedde Newspaper and on the television. However, it is claimed that Brother Deodati managed to use state machinery to silence the story and it never got published. Instead, a story twisting the circumstances under which Nanyondo’s house got burnt was published, as referenced in the New Vision story of Wednesday April 3, 2009.

Although there has been no proof ascertaining that the pictures weren’t photoshopped to destroy the reputation of the SMACK Headteacher, Presenter Fatboy mentioned that the school will have to pronounce their stance on the hefty allegations.

“It's a major scandal and he’s gonna have to come out to explain the situation because I don't think parents of Kisubi are going to be quiet about it, the School Board of Directors will have to address it as well and being a Government-founded school, the Ministry might get involved too,” he said.

In addition, Olive Najjuma The Fatboy Show Co-host, said that with the numerous allegations of homosexuality among students in single sex schools, it is vital for the school to make a statement on the claims otherwise it puts the school’s image in peril.

She however was not convinced by the photos and allegations, saying that Fred Lumbuye is a critic of the Government who has always exposed shocking details about people affiliated to the Government, but never of the opposition- especially the National Unity Platform.

Deodati Aliganyira, the SMACK headteacher came into the limelight after publicizing Bobi Wine’s son Solomon Kampala’s suspension from the school due to allegations of drug use that the Headteacher later confirmed in various interviews with different social media outlets. He was also accused of blocking Solomon from contesting for a prefectorial position in the school because he was an average student, and taunting him on several occasions at the school.

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