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Fatboy: The Media Seems To Enjoy Crisis

RX Radio Presenter Fatboy has once again called out Western media for being controversial in their storytelling objectives.

Talking about the recent events surrounding the Russia-Ukraine invasion, he said that the media has been selective in the stories it chooses to cover and is now amplifying the invasion as if the subject of Covid-19 is no longer existent.

“The whole world now is just caught up in the whole Russia-Ukraine mania and it makes me more cynical about corporate media because it seems like they are ambulance chasers who just love crises. As far as this conflict is concerned, you can see they are fueling and milking it for everything it's worth.”

Fatboy went on to accuse the media of exaggerating the Ukrainian crisis and portraying it as more relevant than similar conflicts in Somalia, Syria, Iraq and Palestine killings by Israelis.

He explained that now all the attention has been turned to the Ukrainian conflict yet just recently, all major publications were previously focused on Covid-19 and the mandates.

“I've always tried to tell people that the media controls people, sets the agenda and brainwashes people. But when I would, they would call me a conspiracy theorist. The media pivots in all kinds of contorted ways to serve new narratives that fit their agendas and then try to get people to sing the same tune,” the Presenter said.

“I've wished that there would be a moment of reckoning for how we spent the last two years and acknowledge that although Covid-19 was an issue, it was blown out of proportion by the media who made it sound bad and lethal,” he added.

His Co-host Daniel Omara who was of the same opinion said that just like the Ukrainian invasion, Covid-19 was awarded more attention than it deserved yet scientific evidence was available to show who the virus targeted.

“Covid was sold as the end of the world, but extinction events have never been this polite, they come in and wipe out 75 percent of the species. We as humans were the only ones at risk. I won't say it wasn't a big deal because the elderly and those with underlying conditions were at risk and they all mattered to their loved ones. But imposing it on the whole world and making it a global issue, closing down schools yet children were practically immune was totally absurd!” Daniel concluded.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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