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Fatboy: Russia Seems To Be Thriving Despite Sanctions Against Its Economy

As countries continue to grapple with the economic hardships induced by the war in Ukraine, Russia seems to be yielding from the transgression more than the NATO countries despite the sanctions bestowed on it by the European Union and western states.

According to Washington Post, Russia has become China’s biggest supplier of oil after it continued to import Russia’s oil at discounted prices despite efforts by the US, UK, and the EU to weaken Russia’s economy by banning its oil and blocking it from participating in any form of trade.

India and South Africa have also come out to show interest in importing Russia’s oil and this has drastically increased demand amidst low supply globally.

“In many ways, Russia seems to be coming out of the war thriving in spite of all the challenges,” said James Onen aka Fatboy in a comment on the state of affairs in Europe.

Further, a CREA report indicates that Russia made 93 billion euros (97 billion dollars), nearly 100 billion dollars from exporting fossil fuels in the first 100 days of its aggression on Ukraine, with China as the biggest buyer followed by Germany.

Fatboy added that Western countries with strong environmentalist ideologies are now suffering because of their over-dependence on other countries for energy and cobalt that the Ukrainian war has thrown them into crisis.

Olive Najjuma, a co-presenter of the show alleged that some European states are hiring brokers and middlemen to buy the fuel from Russia so that they don’t export it from Russia something that is also more costly.

Fatboy thereby added, “so in case you're the kind of person who boasts about environmentalism and how Russia deserves to be weakened at all costs, please understand that if you wish to take any actions in retaliation or any ideals you hold, you need to consider the consequences because in this case you are not only helping your enemies thrive but also shooting yourselves in the foot by rendering yourself more vulnerable to dependence.”

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