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Fatboy: Most Women Are Honeymoon Junkies

Today morning on The Fatboy Show, James Onen aka Fatboy commented that most women get into relationships with men because of their initial fantasy rather than actual love for them.

Relating to his Facebook post that got people talking last Friday, Fatboy claimed that women are for the most part ‘Honeymoon Phase Junkies’ whose feelings are short-lived in the first stage of the relationships and after the sparks wear out, they look for ways to sabotage it.

He went on to add that women will hop onto other relationships looking for the same excitement and continue the cycle and eventually end up claiming they have failed to get a good partner.

“The relationship honeymoon is that phase where everything is new and fresh and cool. Once that period wears off, to most women it's like they met the wrong guy and the relationship is not going to work, so they sabotage it to seek the same feelings in someone new,” he explained.

He added that when women are getting into a relationship, they do so projecting the best qualities in the man and tend to be in love with that image rather than the actual person.

More so, he argued that men will decide to settle with a woman who they think are comfortable with their lifestyle, that it surprises them when she starts complaining about the very things she used to be comfortable with.

“A couple of months later she’s like why do you have to watch football all the time? Why do you always have to go out and drink with your friends? All of a sudden she starts snipping at the things that make you you, yet she knew this from the beginning and wont recognise that it's not you that has changed, but her,” he protested.

However, Lesham, the Co-host on the show, said that when two people get into a relationship, they should expect to change part of their lifestyle, adding that women always want to gauge the man’s ability to handle future responsibilities.

“I feel like 2-3 months is an exaggeration because people get into this stage at like 1 or 2 years into the relationship, which is the time they begin to re-evaluate all these things. So I think you're exaggerating things and don't want to let go of your hobbies, yet involving another person in your life means you will have to let go of some things and actually create more space for them.”

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