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Fatboy: Many Women Stay In Marriages For Its Convenience

The Fatboy Show presenter James Onen has claimed that women often stay in marriage not because they love their husbands, but rather for its convenience.

This was during the morning show with co-presenter Lesham as they commented on the remarks Jada Pinkett Smith made on her birthday concerning her marriage .The actress and television host, while celebrating her 50th birthday, proclaimed that she was looking forward to loving more and learning what love is. This caused an internet uproar where fans questioned her feelings for Will Smith after spending such a long time together.

Fatboy, who seemingly agreed with the outrage, said that Jada was never in love with her husband Will but decided to settle with him after the love of her life Rapper Tupac Shakur passed on.

“To this day, Jada still talks of Tupac and the poems he wrote for her because he was the love of her life. Jada’s emotions for Will, if she had any, faded a long time ago making her choose to stay in the relationship for her children and because it was the responsible thing to do,” Fatboy argued.

He continued to say that partners, especially women, confuse romantic feelings for emotional fulfillment and that when the relationship ages, they conclude that they made bad choices.

“Every man has gone through Will Smith’s situation where a woman has mixed feelings and can't decide how they feel about you . But because you desperately love her, you tend to keep her even when it's toxic. When Jada says that she wants to love better, there is no way she stipulates how she will do it but all we hear is her working on herself and this continues to show how selfish she is,” Fatboy asserted.

However, Lesham said that Jada Smith might have been misinterpreted because she has previously admitted to faults in their marriage and is trying to mend the relationship by addressing them and being more affectionate.

Lesham added that even though people think of Jada as selfish, she was willing to leave her solitary life to get back with Will Smith after they had separated, which Fatboy disregarded by saying that Jada only thought the grass was greener on the other side until she reached their and opted to return to her husband.

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