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Fatboy: Maj Gen Lokech’s Death Should be Faulted on his Doctors

James Onen aka Fatboy has said that the death of Deputy Inspector General of Police Maj. Gen Paul Lokech should be blamed on his doctors and their negligence towards carrying out thorough check ups whenever he went to the hospital for review.

The presenter was commenting on the sudden death of the General who lost his life on Saturday due to a blood clot that started as a minor ankle fracture.This was being treated and assessed regularly from Ruby Medical Centre through outpatient services.

However, results from an autopsy done on the General’s body indicated a big blood clot in one of the blood vessels in his lower limb which had circulated into the lungs causing him shortage of breath and eventual death.

“In my opinion, this was the fault of the doctors who should have detected this clot or taken measures to prevent his death because this is surely not the first time something like this has happened, and people losing their lives to undetected blood clots,” said Fatboy.

His Co-Host on the show Olive Najjuma, further added that the scenario is worrying to the rest of the society if people of such high caliber are negligently handled by health facilities and like Fatboy, she faulted and questioned the quality of health services being provided by these institutions.

“It is sad because it makes one worry about their own health given that this was a general, very healthy, fit and only 55 years old. This cannot even be blamed on lifestyle so probably medics need to do more.” said Olive.

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