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Fatboy: It's Time Weasel Tames His Temper Issue

Morning show presenter James Onen aka Fatboy has said that it's about time Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel, tames his anger issue that seems to cause consistent trouble.

This comes after the Singer got involved in an atrocious fight with a ‘shamba’ boy, a one Kaweesi Cyrus earlier this week. The fight left Kaweesi with a fractured leg, a wounded head and other injuries. This happened just a week after the same singer exchanged blows with King Saha .

According to Fatboy, Weasel has encountered challenging times after his duo partner passed away, leaving him less successful as a lone artist.

Nevertheless, Fatboy said that the fading Singer should be dedicating his time to reviving the music legacy left by his colleague, Radio, rather than engaging in petty fights.

“By engaging in this kind of behavior, Weasel is letting down his partner, I mean ultimately he’s the one to carry on the legacy of the duo Radio and Weasel. He shouldn't be wasting time in these petty scuffles, especially considering that it's the same way Radio lost his life”.

Meanwhile Olive, Fatboy’s Co-presenter, says that the issue seems to be generic since brothers from this same family have always got involved in these kinds of contentions.

“The family has anger management Issues, remember that time when Chameleone was accused of burning his bodyguard at his home in Kitende? Besides, isn't Weasel a little too old for these things, right now that guy is almost if not forty. Why is he still fighting?”

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