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Fatboy: I Only Lost My Virginity Because Someone Badly Wanted

Today morning, Fatboy revealed that he lost his virginity at only 23 years old because of someone who badly wanted his ‘services.’

This was during The Fatboy Show where he and Lesham talked about an odd forty-five-year-old man named Skippy, who happens to be a proud virgin publicly declaring his virginity through wearing ‘Virginity Rocks’ t-shirts.

Lesham said that Skippy has been trying to get hold of his chastity, through his Youtube channel that he created in a hunt for a wife. Surprisingly he still lives in his mother’s basement.

According to Lesham, Skippy has unrealistic standards of desiring for perfect and extraordinary women that with plenty of women fans available, he failed to get the ‘one’.

Fatboy, who stated that sex is often overated, said that his virginity would also be existent todate if at all he hadn’t been pressed for it.

“I was there minding my own business, being a good boy and then someone targeted me cause they wanted to have it from me very badly.”

He added; “I only lost my virginity at 23 because I was pressured to, otherwise I would still be a virgin.”

Nonetheless, Lesham, who believes that being a virgin isn't necessarily something to be proud of, said that virgins tend not to understand certain things because there is a part of the human experience they are always missing.

According to her, lovemaking made her learn men so much faster and less prone to tricks that she would have fallen for as a virgin.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy and Lesham Kenogo every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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