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Fatboy: I’m Sure Male Science Teachers Are Going To Take On More Wives

Yesterday, the cabinet approved an enhanced salary plan for all civil servants effective next financial year. James Onen, The Fatboy Show presenter, presumed that male science teachers will add onto their wives now that they are earning much more than they used to.

In July 2022, science teachers' pockets lit up after the government increased their salaries to 4 million shillings for graduate science teachers from 1.4 million and 3 million shillings for Grade V (Diploma) science teachers.

“I am sure the male science teachers are going to take on more wives, now that they can afford them,” he said in relation to the meme which says that when a man gets more money, he wants more women and when a woman gets more money, she needs no man.

Olive Najjuma, the show co-host said women tend not to need men when they have sufficient money because they can take care of their needs.

She went on, “I usually tell women that if you do not have any source of income, you will be used and taken for granted.”

According to Olive when a woman is in her survival stage, she cannot find love because she will easily give in to anyone as long as they have something to offer.

The duo was discussing the revelation from the State Minister for Public service Hon Grace Mugasa who in a meeting with the Committee on Education and Sports on Tuesday disclosed that all civil servants will receive a salary enhancement in Financial Year 2023/2024.

Having increased the salaries for science teachers in exclusion of their arts counterparts, the Minister explained that the disparities were unintended but brought as a result of the limited wage bill for teachers' salaries under the Ministry of Education And Sports.

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