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Fatboy: I'm Okay With Being Cheated On

Whereas cheating is a deal breaker for most couples, RX Radio presenter James Onen aka Fatboy believes that it is a natural thing bound to happen that shouldn't make one leave a partner who possesses other noble qualities.

During The Fatboy Show, while responding to a question by his co-host Olive Najjuma about forgiving a cheating partner, Fatboy said he wouldn't back out of a relationship because his girlfriend cheated and even when she continues to do so to his knowledge.

“I don't know if I am just strange but I am very okay with being cheated on even when I am aware that she was with somebody else the other day,” Fatboy said.

Odd as it sounded to Olive, Fatboy explained that while in a relationship, he would be recognizing that his girlfriend has other men eyeing her on her social media, some would make attempts to win her heart, putting him in an unceasing competition with other men that he won't always win.

“Your woman maynot be a terrible person but she is human and eventually, she will encounter a moment of weakness, perhaps after an argument with you and all of a sudden one of the men that has been messaging her appears as a very sympathetic character and on that day, he might invite her for a drink, and off she goes,” says Fatboy.

Fatboy posited that at some point couples find each other less interesting after the honeymoon phase. After the lust fades and the strong romantic feelings wear off, one of the partners or both will start picking interest in the new people they meet that will strike them as more intriguing.

“It might be someone she might meet at church, workplace, a party, someone more intriguing than you because you won't be intriguing forever, and it is the same with guys. You can have your beautiful girl and suddenly a more beautiful one shows up,” he explained.

But unlike Fatboy, Olive admitted that cheating is a deal breaker for her adding that she maynot leave that very moment but she eventually will. Olive said that cheating is “selfish and a betrayal of trust” of the other partner in the relationship given how it is usually preplanned till it is executed.

“But it makes no sense. Why dump a wonderful girlfriend just because she cheated?” Fatboy wondered, adding that, where else would you find a woman so good at cooking, so sweet and nice, so good in bed?”

Besides all the traits that one of the partners has, Olive insisted that once a person cheats, it is likely to become a habit that might bring her STDs and incurable diseases concluding that she cannot risk her life in the name of love.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive and Sarah every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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